Innovative Healthcare IT Technology Services


Caché, HealthShare, Ensemble, VA (VistA) and Legacy M (MUMPS) technology, HIE, Web Services, Web Development, HL7, FHIR, Caché Objects, Profile Epic, GE (IDX), Antrim/Sunquest, IRIS Data Platform


InterSystems’ HealthShare is a standards-based, service-oriented platform that enables the rapid development of connectable applications and services, as well as new functionality and interoperability among your existing offerings.


InterSystems’ Ensemble is a universal integration platform – the first fusion of an integration server, data server, application server, and portal development software in a single, seamless product. This is the complete ensemble of technologies needed for rapid integration and fast composite application development, utilizing a single development and management environment that simplifies the learning curve for IT staffs.


Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems Corporation is the leading provider of high-performance database systems, with over four million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, Caché, is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data server. Offering ultrafast SQL and advanced object architecture, Caché delivers breakthrough time to market technology for massively scalable Web and client-server applications.

IRIS Data Platform

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ is the world’s first and only data platform engineered specifically for the rapid development of healthcare applications to manage the world’s most critical data. It empowers developers to rapidly create and scale breakthrough applications for providers, patients, payers, labs, medtech, and life sciences.

VA VistA

Veterans Administration software, commonly known as VA VistA, is a vital third party software within the healthcare IT industry. Henry Elliott bridges the gap between service companies and candidates by offering VA VistA technology resources on a contract placement basis.


Epic technology acts as the information backbone for the majority of integrated health systems across the globe. Efficient Epic technology requires complex software capability in order to sustain success.


GE (IDX) is a medical management software used within the healthcare industry in order to manage and streamline operations.

Legacy M (MUMPS)

MUMPS stands for Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System

Legacy M (MUMPS) (also called ‘M’) is a powerful database language that runs on a variety of platforms. It is best known for its popularity within the healthcare industry. However, M technology is heavily utilized in banking/financial services, distribution, and virtually all other areas also. Legacy M (MUMPS) technology installations are found throughout the world.

Antrim/ Sunquest

The complexity of Antrim/Sunquest Lab Software technology calls for experienced technicians and programmers – that is where Henry Elliott comes in to help.