M (MUMPS) Database Technology

 What is M (MUMPS)? 

MUMPS stands for Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System.

MUMPS (also called 'M') is a powerful database language that runs on a variety of platforms. It is best known for its popularity within the Healthcare Industry. However, M Technology is heavily utilized in Banking/Financial Services, Distribution, and virtually all other areas. M (MUMPS) Technology installations are found throughout the world.

MUMPS Placement Services:

At Henry Elliott & Company, Inc. we pride ourselves on placing skilled and experienced professionals to suit your MUMPS technology needs. We have experience working with clients in the healthcare, financial, biomedical, education and high tech industries. With a wide range of capabilities, our MUMPS programmers and developers are available for remote, contract, consulting and direct hire opportunities.


MUMPS Job Opportunities:

Highly respected in the industry, Henry Elliott & Company, Inc. has open MUMPS technology job opportunities for qualified candidates. Whether you are looking for direct hire, consulting or remote opportunities, we will help you accelerate your career with MUMPS technology.

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