Meaningful Use Audits

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At Henry Elliott & Company we have Meaningful Use/MIPS/Data Governance consultants with experience in conducting Risk Assessments for your IT Security as well as helping you meet the requirements of Meaningful Use/MIPS/Data Governance and HIPAA. We have staff who have been through Medicare Meaningful Use Audits and have been successful in winning appeals of failed Audits. We have the experience to assist your organization to win and be successful.

A risk assessment identifies and analyzes risks that affect an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. When doing a risk assessment, every organization has to first determine its operating objectives. Next, that organization has to look carefully at all the things that could prevent each objective from being attained. In other words, a risk assessment is an analysis of all the things that could go wrong.

Not all risks are equal, of course. Some risks are more likely to occur; other risks have a large impact. Once risks are identified, however, their probability and significance need to be assessed. Management has to decide how to deal with such risks. In some cases, the decision may be to control the risks; in others, the decision may be to accept them.

Risk assessment is an ongoing process in any good business. Internal and external challenges constantly present themselves to an organization. Change itself is a risk. And yet, management must continually adapt to it, altering policies and procedures so the risks associated with change can be kept at a comfortable level.

There are ten strategies to insure security, HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use/MIPS/Data Governance requirements. This includes striking the right balance between security and accessibility. Are you protecting your patients’ data, are you reducing your exposures, are your CLOUD and patient portals secure?

At Henry Elliott & Company we can help you assess your Meaningful Use/MIPS/Data Governance compliance needs, implement data validation controls to include policies and procedures, and assist with role based security.

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