Legacy M (MUMPS)

M (MUMPS) is a powerful database technology and language that runs on a variety of platforms. It is best known for its popularity within the Healthcare Industry, but M Technology is heavily utilized in Banking/Financial Services, Distribution, and many other industries.

MUMPS stands for Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System.

Legacy M (MUMPS) Placement Services:

At Henry Elliott & Company, Inc. we pride ourselves on placing skilled and experienced professionals to suit your Legacy M (MUMPS) technology needs. We have experience working with clients in the healthcare, financial, biomedical, education and high tech industries. With a wide range of capabilities, our Legacy M (MUMPS) programmers and developers are available for remote, contract, consulting and direct hire opportunities.

Legacy M (MUMPS) Job Opportunities:

Highly respected in the industry, Henry Elliott & Company, Inc. has open Legacy M (MUMPS) technology job opportunities for qualified candidates. Whether you are looking for direct hire, consulting or remote opportunities, we will help you accelerate your career with Legacy M (MUMPS) technology.

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